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Rental Terms and Conditions - AVACO Rent a Car Belgrade

Rental prices

Category 01.06.2020. - 30.09.2020. 01.10.2020. - 30.05.2021.
ECONOMY MINI 25 € 20 €
ECONOMY 30 € 25 €
COMPACT 40 € 35 €
COMPACT + 45 € 40 €
COMPACT B+ 45 € 40 €
DACHIA DUSTER 4x4 50 € 45 €
STANDARD 70 € 65 €
4WD 85 € 80 €
MINI VAN 90 € 80 €
LUXURY 170 € 160 €

1. Terms and Conditions

Rental vehicles are available for rental to drivers aged between 21 and 70.

2. Documentation for rental:

  • A client has to have a driving license issued at least a year priory to renting a car.
  • Valid ID and passport.

3. Minimum rental time

24 hours or one day with a grace period of 60 minutes. Any overtime is charged with additional 24 hours price rate.

4. Traffic tickets

In case a client, a driver gets a speeding or any kind of traffic ticket the driver is to pay the fine. If the fine is accompanied by any additional administrative expenses rent-a- car will charge the client with extra 10EUR+VAT.

5. Payment and deposit

  • To rent vehicle you need to have either a credit card, AVACO voucher, cash or business account. During rental period funds will be reserved for the amount of deposit.
  • The deposit is obligatory and is left by card pre-authorization, through company account or cash.

5. Damage

  • In the event of collision or lost car situation, completely or partially, in the event of fire, shattered window, lost keys, a client or any other subject stated on the Car Rental Agreement will have to compensate the damage expanses fully..
  • Rental vehicle has third-party liability insurance as required by the Serbian law.


Basic comprehensive insurance

Car rental includes basic comprehensive insurance with 10% franchise for the total estimated damage cost. In the event of an accident a driver has to have a police report filled in so coverage can be obtained.

THW theft insurance for rental car

OTheft insurance without franchise is possible if you buy coverage without franchise.

Super CDW-Full comprehensive insurance

  • The lessee insures a car and has no obligation in case of car body damage.
  • Super CDW –Full comprehensive insurance does not cover the loss of additional equipment, loss of keys, tire or rim damage, or any damage of the undercarriage of the car.
  • In the event of damage and theft a driver has to have a police report which has to be filled in so coverage can be obtained. Otherwise the lessee pays the damage in total.


  • A renter pays for the gasoline.
  • Child seat/booster, GPS, snow chains, WIFI, are charged extra.

One way fee tax/location surcharges

Collecting the car out-of-hours during holidays and at the rental desk is surcharged.

  • Rental counter Trnska: 15E additional fee out-of-hours, before 9am and after 5pm, before 9am and 3pm on Saturdays (Sundays whole day)
  • Rental counter Aerodrome Belgrade: 15E additional fee out-of-hours, before 9am and after 9pm, every day.
  • Within the city perimeter car collection is 10e (downtown) 25e outskirts.
  • Car take over surcharge is 0,4e per kilometer outside of the city.

Collision, damage, theft

Mandatory procedure for clients:

  • Contact both police and AVACO Rent a car immediately with information about the situation and fallow given instructions.
  • Write down information on other participants in the accident.
  • Feel in the accident or impairment report when returning the car
  • Write down short accident statement with general information about the cause and circumstance under accident or impairment occurred

In case of the collision AVACO rent a car deposit will be held until a police report is delivered and repair estimate is obtained.

Car rental driving restrictions

  • Drunk driving, drug and substance abuse is forbidden when driving rental car. If a renter is driving under the influence and an accident occurs he or she will pay full repairment as estimated by the authorities.
  • Rental car may be operated by the renter who signed AVACO rent a car rental agreement.
  • It is forbidden to borrow rental car to a third person. In the event of an accident or theft if an unauthorized driver is operating the vehicle the driver named by the rental contract will have to pay full repariment.


  • When making reservation choose from our car fleet, within the groups of various vehicles.
  • AVACO RENT A CAR priority is to provide its client with a reserved car chosen from our fleet.

AVACO RENT A CAR reserves the right to provide the client with a similar car from the group, if the car picked and reserved is not available.