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1. What to do if someone damages the vehicle while you are not present? (e.g., in a parking lot)

If the vehicle is vandalized or damaged by an unknown perpetrator while parked, you are obliged to call the police at 192 (RS number), who will make a report, and you must provide it to the rental office where you return the rented vehicle.

2. What to do in case of vehicle theft?

In case of vehicle theft, attempted vehicle theft, and/or vehicle break-in, immediately call the police at 192 (RS number) and contact our branch.

3. What to do if you are involved in a traffic accident?

If you are involved in a traffic accident, the first thing to do is to call the local police as well as our branch. Request a copy of the police report, take photos of the accident scene and the damage caused.

4. What to do if the vehicle is damaged while parked in your presence?

If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to call the local police to make a report and contact our branch for further instructions.

5. What to do if there is a breakdown with the vehicle?

If there is a breakdown and you cannot operate the rented car, pull over to the nearest safe place and call our branch for instructions. Do not take any action on your own, but contact us immediately. In case of minor or major vehicle breakdown, as well as in case of a traffic accident, the rental agency should be contacted first to receive further instructions.

6. What to do if you have a flat tire?

In the event of a flat tire caused by a punctured or blown tire and/or damaged rim, please follow the instructions below.
Tire replacement procedure:
Ensure the vehicle is securely parked by engaging the handbrake and putting the gear lever into first gear or reverse (for automatic transmission, place the lever in the P position, and for semi-automatic transmission, place it in the N position).

Remove luggage from the trunk and the internal textile lining (depending on the vehicle model, the spare tire may be located on the outside of the lining, under the trunk. In that case, the key to release the bolt holding the spare tire carrier is located in the left or right lining of the trunk or under the passenger seat).
Remove the spare tire and necessary tools from outside the vehicle

If the vehicle is equipped with a hubcap, remove it and store it carefully
If the vehicle is equipped with aluminum rims and has decorative caps on the screws, remove them using the provided tool
If the vehicle has a security screw for securing the tire, loosen it by attaching the theft-proof key extension from the tire removal key set
Loosen the tire screws with the included key in the tool kit
Place the jack stand in the designated area, under the vehicle threshold (ensure correct placement for your safety and to avoid damage to the vehicle threshold). THE JACK MUST BE PLACED ON A STABLE SURFACE BEFORE LIFTING THE VEHICLE! IF THE SURFACE IS SLIPPERY OR ROUGH, THE JACK MAY SLIP AND CAUSE INJURY AND DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE.
After lifting the vehicle enough and the damaged tire is not in contact with the ground, fully loosen the screws and remove the tire from the vehicle.
Place the spare tire on the vehicle, hand tighten it on the axle. Install all the provided screws and tighten them to resistance

After lowering the vehicle onto the ground, tighten the screws fully and check twice to ensure they are tightened all the way. After completing the tire change, store the mentioned equipment and the faulty tire in the trunk
If your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, you can continue driving, not exceeding 80 km/h, until you reach the nearest tire service. Please inform our technical service as soon as possible to suggest repair options for the faulty tire, depending on your contracted insurance types.

NOTE: If the rented vehicle does not have a spare or temporary tire but has a tire repair kit, call one of the following mobile tire repair services:

  1. +381 60 1982233

  2. +381 64 0012020

  3. +381 60 1302628

  4. +381 63 8119105

7. What if the wrong type of fuel is pumped into the vehicle?

If the wrong type of fuel is pumped into the vehicle, do not attempt to start the engine, as this may prevent major damage. Please contact us, and we will organize the best and most affordable solution for you so that you can continue your journey without delay.

8. Are pets allowed?

Our motto is creating an experience. Therefore, we do everything to ensure that you, as our client, are maximally satisfied with the quality of service provided. We are friends of animals, so we want your pets to accompany you while traveling in our vehicles and creating experiences. Since providing top-quality service is extremely important to us, please, if you transport your pets in rented vehicles, protect the interior of the vehicle, especially the seats, with appropriate covers to prevent interior soiling, e.g., pet hair. If your pet dirties our interior, we will have to charge you for a chemical cleaning service.

9. Can the vehicle be covered with foils/stickers, etc.?

If you rent a vehicle for an extended period, such modifications may be approved, but only with our written consent and guarantee that these modifications will not cause damage to the vehicle. If we approve these modifications, it is your obligation to return the vehicle to its initial and acceptable condition.

10. Can drivers and passengers smoke in the vehicle?

Our vehicles undergo complete interior and exterior cleaning after each rental. Regardless, smoking is not allowed in our vehicles, and we kindly ask you to adhere to this rule - to keep our vehicles impeccably clean, and the interior fragrance always pleasant. In case of non-compliance with this rule, we will have to charge you for a chemical cleaning service – as we put maximum effort into the cleanliness and pleasant scent of the interiors of all our vehicles.


12. If the vehicle, while under contract, is given to someone not listed on the contract, all resulting damages fall on the lessee.

13. Rental vehicles cannot participate in car races, off-road activities, or be driven on unsuitable terrains.

14. You are not allowed to make repairs/modifications to the vehicle on your own.

15. It is important to return the car in the same condition as you received it (cleanliness inside and out).